How to improve digital customer experience


What’s really the Digital Experience?

Digital Experience is a term that refers to the sum total of all online interactions of a customer with an organization. It includes interaction via the company website, chatbots, social media customer channels, mobile applications, and other digital channels that provide a virtual touchpoint. Thus Digital customer experience can be viewed as the online or digital equivalent of customer experience that defines or comprises the physical interactions. An organization that offers a powerful digital experience to its customers will have a larger number of customers who are engaged, satisfied, and content with the services. Thus a well-devised digital customer experience strategy helps an organization to improve its bottom line and paves the way to improve customer acquisition and customer lifetime value (CLTV).

Digital Customer Experience: How to Improve

1) Understand Customer Behaviors

Understanding customer behavior is one of the prerequisites to offering a high-class digital experience to customers. A customer journey map serves as one of the stepping stones to offering a top-class digital experience to the customers. Customer behaviors and patterns are bound to vary greatly depending on the type and class of customers. Understanding the customer perspective of digital experience can help an organization tailor its services in accordance with the needs and expectations of the customers. Carefully analyzing and studying customer behavior patterns helps an organization in its endeavor to offer a top-class experience to the customer. Having realized the significance of digital customer experience companies are on their path to Digital customer experience transformation and building digital solutions.

2) Unified Customer Experience Across all Channels

Customers prefer unity across all the channels that they use when interacting with an organization. If a brand has a strong presence in some digital channels and a meager presence in some other digital channels it can deter customers, especially if they get to notice that the channel they prefer the most has limited support. As part of offering a unified experience to the customers, an organization can consider utilizing omnichannel solutions. Such a strategy can help organizations offer a unified and integrated experience to the customers while they reach out to a brand independent of the channel used. Offering an omnichannel service also helps an organization acquire a better customer lifetime value (CLV). According to Google, omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel.

3) Leverage Insights From Data

Data analytics is one of the most common ways to gain insights about customers. In this business landscape that is largely driven by digitization, data has multiplied manifold. These data can serve as one of the best gateways that help an organization to clearly understand its customers. Before launching a product a company can analyze the current business and market trends and analyze how far a new product can address the problem of the customers. As per a KPMG survey of C-level executives, 92 percent are using data and analytics to gain greater insights into marketing.

4) Self Service

Customers are largely becoming tech-savvy and customers prefer to manage things by themselves. Most organizations now offer an option of self-service to their customers. A business can make use of online discussion forums that help customers easily get to know about a business, its products, the extent to which the products offered by the business can address the needs of the customers, and so on. It also helps customers to get to know the solutions to some of the most common issues that they are likely to face. Discussion forums also serve as one of the best means to foster a brainstorming discussion on your future product launches and how they address the issues of the customers.

5) Refine the Experience Further to Make It Never Ending

Customer service is not what it used to be a few years ago and of course, it won’t be what it used to be now in the future. Technologies are advancing rapidly. This is what has led to the booming usage of digital solutions for the operations of customer service. In fact, it is extremely difficult for any business to achieve a full-scale digital transformation, given the fact that technologies are bound to be replaced sooner. In fact, the future is set to see the usage of next-generation technologies like augmented reality (AR), robotic process automation (RPA), etc. Having a systematic approach to implementing a never-ending digital customer experience strategy can enable an organization to provide the best digital experience to its customers in the present as well as the impending future.


Digital technologies are making their way to most of the products and applications. These technologies have become a vital component that enables an enterprise to offer the best support and assistance to customers. Equipping with the latest digital technologies enables an organization to facilitate better application management, enhancement, maintenance, and updating. It also enables an organization to offer better remote and real-time support to the customers while offering the best assistance to them. This can enable customers to easily become familiarized with the products offered by an organization and ensure that it is utilized to the fullest.

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