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Guide how to create an Amazon AWS API 0

AWS API Gateway

Contents API creationAPI UpdationFAQ SectionWhat is an API ?What is an API used for ?What is AWS?How to create an AWS API ? Amazon’s API Gateway is an AWS service for creating, publishing, maintaining,...

What are Launch templates 0

What are Launch templates?

Launch templates help you Streamline, simplify, and standardize instance launches. By creating a launch template it allows you to create a saved instance configuration that can be reused, shared, and launched at a later...

How to Monitor external URLs using Amazon CloudWatch 0

Monitoring external URLs using Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics

Contents What is Amazon CloudWatch SyntheticsHow canaries work ?How to create a canaryResources That Are Created for CanariesUsing Canary BlueprintsHeartbeat monitorAPI CanaryBroken Link CheckerGUI Workflow BuilderSecurity Considerations for Synthetics CanariesViewing Canary Statistics and DetailsWhat...