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AIOps for Cutting Customer Service Costs

The expenses associated with managing customer support teams rise as firms continue to grow and expand. The costs involved with running a customer service department may pile up rapidly and include anything from hiring...

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3 Ways To Reduce Cloud Migration Cost

Cloud migration is a critical project that impacts the further prospects of a business. Many times the cost of migrating to the cloud often exceeds the worst estimates that are being made by a...

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Data Security Checklist for Hiring Outsourcing Partners

Contents Hiring Outsourcing Partners Overview Top 5 Data Security Checklist For Selecting an Outsourced Service Provider Conclusion Hiring Outsourcing Partners Overview Outsourcing enables organizations to offload their back-office functionalities to dedicated third parties so...

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ICANN Domain Transfer Policy Explained

REGISTRY LOCK ICANN started a new “Domain Transfer Policy” for changing domain ownership from one registrant to another from December 1, 2016, onwards. Each time a change in registrant happens, the approach is called... gif maker 1 1 0

Security Audit On Windows Servers : Guide

Since Windows cyber attacks are severe these days, we have to perform security audits at regular intervals. May refer to the below steps while performing a security audit on Windows servers. 9 Steps to...