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Whats DevOps and what its not Explained 0

What does DevOps do and what DevOps is not

Contents What is DevOps?Let us see some of the common definitions of DevOpsWhat DevOps is NotWhat DevOps IsWhat is DevOps? Though DevOps acceleration is seeing an ever-increasing surge, confusions often persist as to what...

How DevOps accelerates the product launches 0

How DevOps accelerates the product launches

DevOps practices are in great demand the world over. DevOps accelerates the software development process and thus enables organizations to improve their efficiency and productivity. According to a survey conducted by Rackspace about 86...

implementing digital transformation 0

How do you do digital transformation?

The first step is to digitize your business processes and data. This means creating digital versions of everything from customer records and financial transactions to inventory data and shipping documents. Once everything is digital,...