Cloud Support Services Evolution :Advantages of Cloud Outsourced Support

The evolution of cloud support services

Cloud Sourcing

Cloud sourcing is the process in which the applications, data, and other services are delivered to organizations. It involves the delivery of resources by the service provider to client organizations via the internet or web.

Such a strategy can enable enterprises to offload the expenses that are associated with investments for hardware maintenance and management. Also, organizations need to worry about the management of software; upgrading, license management, and patching.

Cloud sourcing presents an organization with advantages based on easy accessibility, scalability, mobility, security, and management. The advent of remote work has made cloud adoption and outsourced support servicing more popular. Employees are now able to access proprietary applications that too in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

What Are the Cloud Computing Delivery Models?

1) IaaS
In Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, the cloud service provider provides virtualized computing resources to the user through the internet. These resources are fully managed by the cloud service provider.

2) PaaS
In Platform as a Service (PaaS), the service provider provides an outsourced platform to the customers that are hosted by a cloud service provider. It facilitates businesses to develop, test, deploy and manage different applications.

In Software as a Service (SaaS), the end-users and customers access the applications that are offered to them by service providers via the internet. In SaaS services, the end-user can access their applications from any device from anywhere.

Cloud Deployment Models

1) Public Cloud
This is one of the most economical and widely adopted cloud deployment models. It offers lesser visibility to the clients as far as the location of infrastructure is concerned.

2) Private Cloud
A private cloud can offer an organization enhanced compliance and security as it is hosted within an organization. As it is exclusively used for the internal needs of a single organization, it is also known as the internal cloud.

3) Hybrid Cloud
In a hybrid cloud solution, an enterprise utilizes both on-premise infrastructure and cloud solutions. Here an enterprise maintains a public and private cloud instance that can help them to easily switch between the cloud instances.

Advantages of Seeking Cloud Outsourced Support Services

1) Keep Your Expenses Under Check

The scalable nature of the cloud can help you to ramp up or down the services, thereby making payments following the service levels. If your employees do not have the expertise to handle and manage the resources in the cloud computing environment, you can seek the services of outsourcing cloud support providers. This can help you to keep your cloud spend in control rather than getting to see escalated costs.

2) Make Your Operations Future Ready

Why are organizations in the mad race to upgrade their cloud infrastructure? The answer is that the cloud can open the gates to the world of the latest technologies and tools. Gone are the days when large-scale businesses controlled the monopoly of having the access to the latest tools that were available then. Now all the enterprises irrespective of their size have the access to the best technologies and solutions; artificial intelligence, big data analytics, data warehousing, etc.

3) One Roof Management

An outsourced cloud support solutions provider can offer a centralized approach that enables an enterprise to access, update, and manage its workloads. This can ensure the best access to the latest updated versions of files that helps an enterprise to keep all their employees in the loop. This can ensure better collaboration among the remote teams and employees.

4) Fast Recovery

Outsourced cloud support providers have in-house disaster recovery management solutions with them. They can help you to ensure faster and time-bound recovery with the least downtime. Outsourced support providers, by enabling you to restore your operations quickly can help you to minimize the mammoth business loss that you may have to suffer due to the operation interruption. The quicker the operations are restored the lesser will be the business loss.

5) Security

Outsourced cloud support service providers can provide you with proven security measures; intrusion detection, encryption, top-of-the perimeter firewalls, double or multi-factor authentication (MFA), etc that can help you to ensure the best safety and compliance of the cloud environment. They can also help a client to have access to the latest upgraded versions of software. Outsourcing providers can help you to foresee a possible security loophole and provide solutions that can address the issue in the best manner.

6) Support and Assistance

Outsourced cloud support service providers have the access to the latest cutting-edge tools that help them to provide 360-degree support round the clock. This can help you to keep your service disruption time to a minimum even if some temporary management and maintenance works were to go on.

They can offer a range of customized services based on the needs of the clients with regards to operations like platform management, application maintenance, network, and performance monitoring, etc. They also have the appropriate tools and management solutions that help them to quickly troubleshoot the affected services within minimum downtime.

Cloud outsourced support services are seeing a surge in demand due to the widespread adoption of the cloud thanks to the fast pace of digitization and business demands. Seeking the services of outsourcing providers can offer an enterprise with the six benefits that we have seen here.

If you are looking for a cloud support provider to manage, and monitor your platform as well as ensure good compliance and security, you can avail of our services. Our cloud management services can help you to forgo your concerns with cloud and platform management. We also provide migration services for clients who are looking to adopt the cloud.


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