Setting up Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with Office365


One of our client was looking to leverage their Office365 Investment and address a challenge involving replacing their in house system with cloud VDi. So they were looking for a Desktop-as-a-Service solution with Office365 offering.


We needed to replace their aging on-premise Intranet with Azure provided VDi solution which is Windows Virtual Desktop. Their old infrastructure were running with Windows7 / Windows 8 and there was a licensing challenge for cloud-hosted virtual desktops. However Azure WVD introduced brand-new version of the Windows 10 Enterprise operating system that allows multiple users to connect to the same virtual machine and have a virtual session. It conceptually works just like RDS does on the server operating system, but it does so on the Windows 10 operating system. Client’s staff can use a local desktop, which is Windows 10, and they can log into a virtual desktop, which is also going to be Windows 10 for work experience.


We needed to migrate their on-premise exchange to Office 365 and to deploy Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Service (WVD) so that their office or remote staff can login, and leverage Office365 Apps and services.

Setting up Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with Office365

Project Delivery

We deployed Bittitian to migrate their on-premise exchange containing 800 Users to Office365 Subscription. The migration was done with ease and MX was switched so that users can start working with Office 365 applications. Then we deployed Azure AD Domain Services, a pre-requisite for Azure WVD, configured Windows 10 Enterprise with Multisession Image with pooled Host to deploy VDi for their 800 User bases. SSO by Azure AD provided a seamless sign-in experience to Office365 pro plus subscription.

microsoft azure interface


We helped the client to leverage their investment in Office 365 along with deploying Azure Windows Virtual Desktop service for their 800 User base This client was so satisfied with Activelobby’s solution delivery that they requested a long-term engagement for ongoing support.

Tools Used

  1. Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
  2. Bititian
  3. Azure AD
  4. Azure Ad Domain Service
  5. Office 365 Subscription

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