How we deployed a datacenter using Openstack

Project Objective

Implement an OpenStack solution for a hosting company to enable them to provide public cloud as a service and designed for scaling.

Customer Requirements

The customer was looking to achieve the following with the deployment.

  1. Offer customer self-service and fully automated provisioning through Horizon.
  2. Seamless integration to billing software.
  3. Deploy OpenStack with High Availability.
  4. Multi-tenancy integrated with Keystone.
  5. Integration with automation tools (Puppet, Ansible, Heat).
  6. Build a robust, scalable, agile infrastructure that can support the IT demands.
  7. Avoid any kind of vendor lock.

Challenges with Existing Solutions:

  1. Hardware/ Bare Metal Servers were too rigid.
  2. Virtual Machines based on Single Virtualization Cluster (KVM) lacked advanced features and high availability
  3. It is time-consuming to add capacity to increase performance output. 


process architecture


  1. Leveraging the self-service portal, clients are now able to adjust capacity (resources) on the fly
  2. We were able to free up expensive resources enabling the deployment to focus on delivering added business value. 
  3. Cloud enablement lets users provision what they need and when they need it.
  4. Implemented integrated application monitoring for faster troubleshooting
  5. Accelerated OpenStack adoption.


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