Add & Delete Users on CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu & Windows

Add and Delete Users on CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu & Windows

CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu

1. Add New User

Use the command useradd for adding users in CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu.

# useradd lily

Set a password for user “lily” to active it. Use the following command to set new password.

# passwd lily

Note: Default location of home directory of user lily will be /home/lily

2. Delete User from System

Use the following command to delete

# userdel lily

To remove including the home directory use the following command

# userdel -r lily


1. Open Start Menu and click on “Administrative Tools”.

windows admin tools

2. Open Computer Management

computer management windows

3. Click on Local Users and Groups

Local Users and Groups windoows

4. Then you will see a page showing folders “Users” and “Groups”.

users and groups windows

5. Right click on Users and select new user

adding new user

6.Type the appropriate information in the dialog box and click Close

user info

7. Double click on the Users menu. Then you will see list of users.

Users List

8. To delete a user right click on the user’s name and select delete.

dele a user

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