SaaS customer Support Trends 2022

The SaaS industry customer support trends are ever-changing.

As the SaaS industry is flourishing,the need for customer support has become a priority for Software businesses.

Valuing your customer experience is a basic practice since the beginning of Businesses. Companies are improving their services and adapting to the new changes in this domain.

Let’s see some of the recent trends in SaaS customer service.

1.Post Sale customer assistance

Customer support starts immediately after the signup. The initial days are crucial. The general aim of the SaaS business is to retain customers for the longer term.

Just after new users signup, the support team should approach the customer, before the customer comes to them seeking help.

support executives should be helping new users with the onboarding and initial operation of the software. 

2.Cross-sells and Up-sells

Customer support executives play a huge role in potential cross-selling and upselling. Once the customers are comfortable with your support team members, they are likely to accept bits of advice from support agents.

Added benefits like potential upsell and cross-sell is exclusive to companies that provide great support services. A well-trained team can help you leverage more sales from your existing customers. 

3.Optimizing for Generation X

Younger customers expect more value within less time. Optimizing services for the easy customer journey is the new trend in SaaS support.

Digitalization and modernization of support services ensure your 

services are suited for young customers.

Gen X and Y customers want quick responses and an overall seamless experience. And they expect customer services to initiate immediately after the sign-up.

4.Live chat for Real-time assistance

Another trend in customer service is with Real-time assistance over live chat or via Video calls.

Real-time assistance tools like live chats have taken customer support services to great new heights. Real-time responses, help customers with discovering more about a product or feature. Live assistance has been a proven support model, resulting in more sales and better customer satisfaction.

5.Mobile First services

A lot of customers browse through mobile devices. Considering that one can deliver services just for mobile users.

Mobile-friendly web pages, easy navigation, and easy access to support widgets are some basic things that impact the mobile-first support experience.

Since a lot of customers are approaching your services from mobile, investing in support services dedicated to mobile users is important.

6.Ai Chatbots

Ai chatbots is another trend in Customer support. Ai chatbots minimize human intervention to a great extent, making them useful for customer service purposes.

With automated replies, chatbots can help in support services.

Ai chatbots can handle multiple queries at the same time, unlike human assistants. 

By assigning chatbots for routine questions, human assistants can help users who are looking for specific solutions. A lot of SaaS providers have already realized this cost-effective solution.

Outsourced SaaS customer support

SaaS providers are partnering with outsourced support services providers. SaaS customer support services require a dedicated team.

Assigning your support services to an experienced provider helps your support services to run seamlessly.


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