7 best ways to make yourself comfortable if you are in customer service

Managing stress is one of the essential skills that a support agent must have. Life of a support agent is fairly easy when everything is going well and as expected.

But things can change and get worse in a matter of seconds here. You may get in the line of fire even for the things that are not under your control.

Best way to stay stress free is stay calm, control and keep all your emotions in balance.

During work hours, a support agent can be subjected to stress due to different situations. The rate and quality of work will be at stake if the mindset of the agent is not right.

The agent logging into a shift must make up his mind that you are here to help and to show the way to your customers. If you are logging in with an upset mind , things can become worse for you. There are many ways by which you can manage stress and get the better out of you in ultimate situations. Lets try to discuss some of them here

1. Dealing with angry and frustrated customers

There can be situations where you have to handle really angry and frustrated customers. His/her only objective will be to blame you for all the things that happened to make their emotional state stable.

But A Support Agent should never take any of it personally and keep his calm. Believe that you are in his shoes and try to sort the situation for your customer.

2. Do things that make you happy

Keeping your state of mind is be the most important thing while you are handling a shift. Nothing should distract you from your course. That’s exactly why you should do things that can make you happy at regular intervals.
Get off your desk and go for a walk or a tea/snack. Drink a lot of water and always have good protein rich food, considering the fact that Stress has a physical side as well.

Talk to you friends and family – Listen to music tracks that will make you feel fresh – Take a look at your social network page …etc can be effective.

3. Don’t forget to Laugh

The old saying is that laughter is the best medicine for stress. When you’re feeling stressed and depressed during work find a source that will make you laugh and laugh out really loud. This could be anything like a book full of silly jokes , comedy videos …etc.

Pulling the legs of your colleagues is also a wonderful way of relieving stress .

4. Positive thinking

With positive thinking, you can go far beyond the horizon and it can work wonders for you. If you believe that you can overcome any challenge, you’re half way done. Always think about the positive sides of your work experience, and understand that it’s only gonna help you. It might be tough at first, but it really works.

5. Exercise

Exercise is another great way to relieve stress. Periodically get off your desk and choose to walk, do some crunches, jog a bit this will help you in relieving stress. Workplace stress is no joke. Stress can cause strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and many other medical conditions. All these can be avoided by performing simple exercise routines in office.

6. Healthy working environment and relations

Keeping the right working environment is essential for relieving stress. You should always keep better relations with your co-workers. You can play pleasant music in office and make everyone relaxed or play natural sounds (rain, wind …etc). This will give them a better feel. Go for a chat with your friends and share smiles. You can share the issues that you face with your friends and get help from them.

7. Avoid getting frustrated or angry

Frustration can creep into your mind due to failure at work, handling the same routine tasks at office or issues at home. Either way, you should push yourself and try to find a way to get over it. Frustration also can make you extremely angry and may lead to sloppy work.

* “Stress is an important dragon to slay – or at least tame – in your life”*

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