How we built a cloud readiness analysis app for a fortune 100 customer

About the Client

The client is a large global distributor of hardware, software and cloud products.


The objective of the tool was to enable its partners to analyze the cloud readiness of workloads of their customers and to provide a quick overview of the steps the end customer should make so as to move their workloads to the cloud. The customer also needed a mobile app, which could be downloaded from the app stores to share with the end customers.


  1. The tool involved calculations involving more than 15 products and more than 1200 scenarios, which will dynamically change.
  2. The tool needed to generate the reports quickly with low-speed internet due to the challenges in getting the reports in remote customer locations.
  3. The UI/UX had to to be super easy for a non-technical person to input their workloads.

The Activelobby Difference

  1. We decided to use BrainJS to handle the scenarios and the results.
  2. The entire architecture was deployed by our DevOps team , focusing more on the performance of the tool.
  3. The results are generated and presented to the end-user in less than 2 seconds.
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