Factors Involved in the Widespread Acceptance of DevOps

The concept of DevOps started during the 2010s and gained popularity by the beginning of 2014 (Source: Google Trends ).

There are multiple factors that resulted in the widespread usage of DevOps.

  • Emergence of Microservices
  • Availability of tools that support DevOps culture
  • The value DevOps culture brings to an Organization

Emergence of Microservices

Both DevOps and microservices are practices that bring about greater agility and operational efficiency for the applications that define an organization. DevOps excellence is a key component of microservice excellence, which reveals that both go hand in hand for exceptional application performance.

Why DevOps is so popular

Availability of tools that support DevOps culture

At the time of its introduction, DevOps-friendly collaboration tools were not readily available. Most of them were proprietary or limited to PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) style offerings. Most of the popular ones lacked end-to-end integration capabilities, which made adapting to the DevOps culture even more difficult. Besides that, the tools available were created by startups which the early adopters saw as unreliable or unpredictable.

However, Today, there are plenty of feature-rich CI/CD tools to choose from which have survived the test of time, with which it’s very easy to build a DevOps culture.

The value DevOps culture brings to an Organization

Implementing and adapting to DevOps culture helps the businesses save time and money. They can increase software deployment predictability, innovate continuously without restrictions while keeping the costs and manpower low.

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