Where is Process Outsourcing heading with changes in trends of technology ?

The topic sounds familiar ?. Yes it definitely is..

So I have been hearing these discussions on going on an aggressive mode against AWS / Azure/ Google Cloud in the hosting market and then pulling out docker hosting out of the cupboard wherever I go.

I keep getting these questions, which directly indicates the effects of changes in technology trends to the outsourcing support market.

Lets analyze this one by one.

What happens when Cloud technologies and concepts of Docker join hands ?

The major consumers of these technologies are not your regular hosting clients, but will be Enterprises , Product / app companies , Software Development firms and teams that handle Devops. That doesn’t mean that hosting companies will never use it.

What happens to the traditional support outsourcing model ?

This means that you have a wider market to cater and provide your services. More SME’s and product developers flow in to the market and probably without expert knowledge of how to deploy their applications on technology stack or the way to scale.

Where is the market going with more and more cloud providers ?

Ultimately everything boils down to the way in which the services are sold and customers are retained. In a way it is good for the outsourcing industry, because more and more providers comes in with innovative solutions and services, and this in turn creates a space for outsourced service providers who are willing to innovate the way in which their services are offered.

How does companies adapt to various technologies ?

The early adapters of technology would be those which needs minimum changes. Those products or apps which adapt the changes early gets ahead in the game .

What should the service providers lookout for ?

Like any good service providers, keep your eyes and ears open for new changes in technology, markets and emerging players and I am sure you will do good .

In short there is nothing called drastic change, its always slow and steady. The only factor that the industry has to prepare is for a disruptive paradigm shift.

Samjad Mooppan,

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