How a Bulk SMS integrated gateway was built on AWS

About the Client

The client is a bulk SMS service provider, who wished to create an independent gateway connected to the telecom and other SMS gateway integrators.


The objective of the project was to built a product that was scalable both horizontally and vertically, while the features worked perfectly as compared to their existing tool.

The client was looking to implement a load-balanced and queueing mechanisms where the gateways would switch based on credits and length of the queue at each integrator.

The tool is supposed to perform well under load situations and the reports must be pulled up quickly for sharing with the stakeholders.


  1. The software was planned to be built on top of an opensource platform Jasmin SMS gateway, which had limited API’s exposed based on the requirements put forward by the customer.
  2. Each integrator had its own set of limitations and configurations, which needed to be embedded to the interface we are building.
  3. The mechanism for queuing the SMS internally and within Jasmin had to be treated separately because of the auto-switch feature that needs to be implemented.
How  Bulk SMS integrated gateway was built on AWS

The Activelobby Difference

The product development was completed in 6 months time with the aid from our experienced DevOps team.

Tools Used

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